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Sunshine Reading Club consists of over 500 e-books – each e-book has three or four activities. The e-books cover levels 1–50. Alphabet and high-frequency word revision activities can be selected at Step 0, the Phonics level. The activities are in four categories that focus on phonics and word knowledge, comprehension and fluency.


The management system for teachers

With this easy-to-use system, teachers are able to download a variety of useful resources including teaching notes for lesson planning and mp3 audio files for in-class listening. They are also able to use the system to assign homework to individual children and check the study progress of all children.


Identifying the letter names, both upper- and lowercase; selecting the letter that makes the sound; identifying the word that begins with the sound; forming the letters, both upper- and lowercase.


Learning high-frequency words; letter combinations and word families; rhyming words; contractions; compound words; labelling and captioning illustrations from the book; identifying verbs in the present and past tenses; common endings.


Children read the e-book and save their recording. They can listen to it themselves and make more recordings if they wish. Each recording overwrites the previous attempt. They can select Save for the teacher to listen to it at the teacher's convenience.


Flashcards feature high frequency and content words from the texts. Each word is spoken and given a definition.

In the Classroom

Sunshine Reading Club is a digital version of stories that have been in print for 25 years. They are perennial favorites with children and are a testament to the skills of Joy Cowley and the other Sunshine authors who managed to write for both literacy learning and student engagement.

Technology and print, often referred to as blended learning, makes learning exciting for children. Their attitudes to learning improve. Research shows that digital natives are motivated to achieve and struggling children develop a more positive attitude to listening to and reading English.

Differentiated learning

The program caters to the individual needs of every child. Sunshine Reading Club management system allows teachers to set up groups and assign children to these groups depending on their learning needs. These groups can then be assigned sets of relevant books or revision activities for their English language practice.

Partnership with home

As the program can be used on both tablets and computers, there is an ideal opportunity for the school to engage with the home by using Sunshine Reading Club for practice or home reading. All children’s work can be tracked by the teacher as the child must use their individual login whether using a browser on a home computer or the free app on their tablet.

Skills activities

The activities associated with each e-book are structured to introduce letter recognition, followed by letter sounds and formation, parts of words (blends and word families), punctuation and sentence structure. Vocabulary acquisition in context is a vital part of English language learning and is introduced in a structured way so that new high-frequency words are repeated in a variety of settings.


This can be developed with the recording and playback feature. The child records an oral reading. They can listen to it before saving it. The teacher then listens to it and evaluates the reading at his/her convenience.